LXG Multi Family Office

Investment advice on liquid portfolios

  • Assistance in the design of an investment plan - or review of the current plan to align the portfolio risk profile to the goals and objectives of the family.
  • Implementation of the investment plan, recommending and selecting investment vehicles, with a continuous and close monitoring of the client´s portfolio.
  • Consolidation of financial information and reporting to facilitate the analysis of client´s portfolios held in different banks, and allow proper measurement of portfolio returns by bank, manager, asset type, etc. will analyze and measure the performance of investment portfolios, defining relevant benchmarks.
  • Direct management of relations with financial and other service providers (i.e. banks, portfolio managers, investment funds, trustees, custodians, etc.)
  • Negotiation, monitoring and cost control in the management of assets (transaction costs, administrative, custodial, "hidden" costs, etc.)
  • Planning to ensure liquidity for family expenses, planned distributions, investments in private assets, liabilities and other specific needs.
  • Filtering and analysis of specific ideas, proposals and investment opportunities.
  • Assistance in the due diligence process for specific investments.

Assistance in succession and tax planning

  • Coordination with legal advisors (domestic and foreign) and trust service providers to implement legal structures to facilitate and ensure adequate transfer of ownership to future generations.
  • Coordination with legal advisors to ensure that structures have adequate protection against tax contingencies inside and outside the country of residence.
  • Identification of training and education for members related to financial management, investment, family governance and management of family businesses.

Assistance and risk control on capital

  • Design and implementation of control and family government politics and decision and approval processes – establish periodical committees or family directors.
  • Assistance in correct communication to all family member about information and protocols to follow in certain moments that our client believes is reasonable.
  • Investment risk management: reports elaboration and diversification revision (asset class, administrators, custody, currency, geographic, etc.) – detailed monitoring of positions.
  • Verification of appropriate liquidity for current liabilities and possible contingencies.
  • Review of insurance needs and assistance in acquisition and control of those policies (life, health, properties, etc.). Management of relations between our clients and insurance companies and brokers.

Investment advice on private illiquid investments

  • Identification and initial screening of private investment opportunities.
  • Financial evaluation of investment opportunities.
  • Assistance in the process of due diligence, negotiation of investment conditions and deal structuring.
  • Hiring legal and accounting teams for carrying out due diligence on private investments.
  • Assistance in the monitoring and controlling of investments and business results (review of financial reports and establishment of relevant benchmarks) and participating in boards and committees if required by client.
  • Support in obtaining, negotiating and structuring of financing, if necessary or appropriate, for investments or businesses in which the client has invested.
  • Assistance in finding key personnel for businesses in which client has invested.
  • Audit process implementation and supervision of audit reports.
  • Assistance in managing real estate investments in Peru and abroad: evaluation, execution of transactions of sale, management rents (contract enforcement and collection), maintenance, and expansion investments, structured finance, accounting, supervision and hiring of insurance policies.
  • Preparation of periodic valuations using market multiples.