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Firm Overview

LXG is a company dedicated to providing world-class financial services to our clients throughout Latin America. Our platform has evolved, and we are now able to provide a broad range of services including M&A advisory, capital market solutions, wealth planning, and wealth management. These services are backed by a team of experienced professionals with educational backgrounds at top-tier international academic institutions, as well as training and successful careers at global financial firms.

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LXG Capital was created in 2009 to provide world-class investment banking services in Latin America.

The founding partners brought in more than 45 years of combined experience conducting mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions, having worked at leading investment banking firms in New York (J.P. Morgan, Citi, Merrill Lynch), and having executed more than 100 transactions of this type in Latin America, with an approximate value of more than US$60 billion. Our partners have executed all types of M&A transactions: bilateral and tripartite mergers, incorporation of strategic and financial partners, share exchanges, purchase and sale of minority and control packages, in cash and in shares deals, in different countries, industries and sub-sectors, for local, regional and multinational clients. Likewise, they have executed financing and capital raising operations in different markets, both debt and variable capital, both public (mainly bonds and issuance of shares), and private (mostly with banks and private placements of shares). They also led the investment banking financial institution groups for Latin America at their respective firms in New York and know the regional financial system very well.

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The LXG wealth planning and wealth management business was created in 2015 as LXG Multi-Family Office.

The new business unit was the result of bringing together the experience and sector knowledge of Félix Segura, having worked at several top-tier global banks, with the reputation and regional understanding of LXG Capital. The team that was incorporated into the business has a long track record managing investments and portfolios for private clients at leading local and international banks such as J.P. Morgan, Credit Suisse and Banco de Crédito de Perú. In 2021, the business expanded its reach by setting up LXG Wealth Advisory, a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulated Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) in the US and an office in Miami, FL. This new platform allows the group to better serve clients across the region with increased levels of regulatory compliance and market access.

The group has continued its expansion in 2022 and 2023 with the incorporation of teams in Central America and Chile.

Our Footprint

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1441 Brickell Av. Suite 1016, Miami, Florida, USA 33131



Diagonal 6 11-10 zona 10, Edificio DiagoSeis, Oficina 11-02, Guatemala, Guatemala



Av. Felipe Pardo y Aliaga 675, San Isidro, 15073, Lima, Perú



Av. El Golf 82, piso 10.
Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.



Av. Fondo de la Legua 936
Edificio Lomas de San Isidro Plaza II, Of. D
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Purpose, Culture & Values

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Our purpose is to provide world-class financial services, advice, and investment products, together with personalized local support to serve our clients’ needs.

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We truly believe in principled leadership, and that is the culture that we instill on our organization.

Our Values

Our clients benefit from the full attention of our senior partners, who are directly involved in each and every assignment from start to finish.

Extensive international network Through our strong international network of contacts we can afford our clients close access to sources of capital and strategic opportunities.

LXG’s by-laws commit the company to be profitable but also to doing good. LXG’s team members try to dedicate 10% of their company time to not-for-profit pursuits and the company aims to donate 10% of earned success fees to causes serving the common good.

We conduct business according to firm ethical and moral standards and will not sacrifice our position or our relationships for short-term gain.

Our partners bring a combined more than 50 years of experience in capital raising and corporate finance advisory, across challenging markets and situations. We only hire full time staff with extensive international training and experience.

Rooted firmly in Latin America we have unrivaled knowledge and access to cross regional opportunities.

Our Businesses

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